Friday, March 16, 2012

Pottery-made Toothbrush/Hairbrush Holders and Soap Dishes

We have a toddler and we have to share our bathroom with her. She's very proactive when it comes to brushing her teeth and loves to reach across the counter to grab whatever she can. Keeping the big, fragile, handmade toothbrush/paste holder on the counter quickly became a precarious proposition!

Likewise, we have a matching handmade pottery bar soap holder. I just love it - the colors, the way they swirl - I could design my entire bathroom around these artsy pieces. However, keeping bar soap by the sink with Miss Precocious running around is asking for trouble.

I really want to keep these pieces, but have nowhere to store them. So I repurposed them, if only slightly:

The toothbrush holder:
Pretty self-explanatory, don'cha think?
The toothbrush holder is now a hairbrush and comb holder. It sits on the dresser in the adult bedroom, where only The E.P. and I can reach it. This way I can still enjoy it on a daily basis, and it won't be forgotten when we un-childproof the house in a few years. Look, the lint brush fits nicely in there too!

The soap dish:

Next to our new, easy-clean, unbreakable toothbrush holder is the soap dish -- now in use as a toothpaste tube holder. Here is it in "presentable" form. Often I push it back and rest the tubes against the wall. It may seem rather silly to use it to prop up toothpaste in the corner, but it serves two purposes:

  1. She can't reach that far back in the corner. Which is great, because I'd rather that the paste stayed in the tubes.
  2. This is the type of sink counter top that collects water when one washes their face or completes other common sink tasks. Water always pools in the corner. 

It's much easier to clean the bottom of the soap dish than to allow the toothpaste tubes to wallow in puddles all day, potentially growing mold or other bacteria. That is just disgusting, and I won't have it if I don't have to.

Have you ever used a toothbrush holder for an alternate purpose? Pencil/pen holder, something else? Share it in the comments!
Eclectic at it's best. Or rather, because it has to be -
I've nowhere else to put this stuff. ;)

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